Life Planning—tour of the core issues covered in The Life-Planning Workbook.
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      Use of time




Our culture defines 3 stages of life:
   1. play and learning (birth to 22)
   2. work and raising kids (23-65)
   3. retirement. (66 to death)

These artificial distinctions create many problems—especially when one is pushed into retirement while still in the prime of productivity and creativity.

Freud was right on this one. Everyone needs something to do and someone to love. And, of course, if you love what you do for a living, it never seems like work.

Finding the work you love is a worthy pursuit, but most people never succeed at it. In fact, the very idea of loving your work is a foreign concept to most people.

Work has come to be viewed as a necessary evil—something you do in order to earn money to live the lifestyle of your choice.

Staying in a job or career you dislike may turn out to be a very high price to pay for the economic return.

LifeDesign helps you examine the place of work in your life.

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