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      Use of time




Use of Time:
Where did the time go?

Time is money.

Time marches on.

Time stood still.

Time flies.

I ran out of time.

If I only had more time...

Where do you stand with time?

Time is the one resource that is fixed for everyone with the exception of the length of our lives. How long we live is influenced a great deal by the choices we make every day.

Equally, if not more important, the quality of our life experience is a function of how we choose to spend our precious moments of time.

LifeDesign doesn't tell you how you ought to use your time, but it leads you through a careful examination of your values and your priorities so that you can decide if your use of time is working for you.

As we age, time seems to move faster and become more valuable.

Are you finding the time to do the things that really matter?

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