Life Planning—tour of the core issues covered in The Life-Planning Workbook.
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      Use of time




Life begins and ends with relationships.

You're alive today because someone cared enough about you to feed you, protect you and take care of your other basic needs at a time when you were helpless to care for yourself.

You've had many relationships up to this point in your life with family members, teachers, friends, colleagues, bosses, etc. Each has played some part in shaping you into the person you are today.

LifeDesign helps you clarify the varying ways people have influenced you and enhances your ability to choose the kind of relationships you want in the future.

Blinding Glimpse #1: The quality of your relationships plays a major role in your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with life.

Blinding Glimpse #2: Building and maintaining good relationships is on the "hard-to-do list."

If you're not happy with who you are, you could justifiably say that it's at least partly your parents' fault, but if you stay that way, it's your own fault.

You didn't choose your parents, but now you can choose who to relate to and how to relate to them. It's up to you to choose people who will support the direction you want to take in your life.

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