Life Planning—tour of the core issues covered in The Life-Planning Workbook.
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Freedom & Commitment
One of the great challenges in life is to strike the right balance between freedom and commitment.

When you're alone in the world, you tend to yearn for relationship—for commitment.

Conversely, being in a committed relationship can lead you to feel stifled by commitment and cause you to long for freedom.

Each of us must find the balance that works for us and the other important people in our lives.

This task is complicated immensely by the changes that accompany the aging process.

This issue is taking on new significance as our life expectancy continues to increase.

Chances are, you didn't give this issue much thought in your early years.

If you got married and had kids, you may have been too busy raising them to think much about it during your middle years.

Chances are very good however that a majority of those reading this will face new dilemmas in this area.

The break-up of a marriage or the death of a spouse may leave you with more freedom than you would prefer.

LifeDesign prepares you to face life as it is—and helps you see that you are not alone in the issues that you face and you always have options.

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