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First things first! A huge, heartfelt thanks to the healthcare workers, the essential workers and the first responders of every stripe for putting themselves at risk to make it possible for most of us to stay safe at home.

For everyone else, please take COVID-19 seriously.
The life you save may be that of a friend, a co-worker, a family member -- or your own.

Life as we've known it has changed!
Now we are all called to change.

First and foremost, we each need to do our part to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. For most of us that means staying in our homes, washing our hands diligently, refraining from touching our eyes, nose and mouth, and when we must go out for some necessity, wearing a cloth mask and practicing responsible social distancing (6 feet of separation).

Our leading scientists and medical professionals tell us that the length and severity of the pandemic will depend on how well we collectively execute these mitigating measures.

I know it's frustrating to remain separated from friends and community without knowing when we will be able to get back to a degree of normalcy. Just know that the sooner we can follow the guidance of our medical and scientific experts, the sooner we will halt the spread of the virus and the sooner we can get back to work.

You may have lost your job at this point and there's no guarantee if and when you'll be able to return to that same job. It's normal to feel anxious and somewhat powerless in the face of all the uncertainties.

Of course you are not powerless. You can use this time to renew relationships at a distance via telephone and email, and you can begin to think about steps you can take to shape your personal future. To assist you in making sense and surviving our present situation, I'm making my 27 Reflections books on values free 5 days at a time until the pandemic is over. When you're ready to think seriously about your future, I invite you to download a free digital version of the Life-Planning Workbook, also free until this crisis is over. For those who prefer a printed copy, I'm reducing the price of the workbook from $12.95 to $4.95. Hope this helps. --James Vaughan

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